Custom Shirts

Made to Measure Shirts

Our custom order shirts are exactly what you’re looking for, after all, you make all the decisions! You choose the style, fabric, features and more. 

Whether you need a custom shirt for a special occasion, work or casual wear, a made-to-order shirt will have you looking dapper. It’s unique, it’s you!

The fabrics offered are all top-quality cotton or linen. Care of the garments is minimal and the shirts can be machine washed and hung to dry.

Bespoke Shirt Ordering Process


The process begins with a consultation with our sales associate to determine what occasion or when the selected shirt will be worn. A common misconception is that custom made shirts are only for formal or business attire. From experience, most of the shirts we have made were created as casual attire. A great co-ordination with casual slacks or jeans.

Choose Features

Each custom dress shirt is developed by choosing from a great selection of fabrics, colours and patterns. We have in excess of three hundred fabric swatches which are updated on a regular basis. The customer then goes through a series of choices, guided by one of our style experts, to choose the collar style, cuff style, elite fashion trims, thread and button colour, monograming font and fit.


We then take a number of measurements; torso, neck, arms and wrist, to name a few, which are kept on file. We keep all the measurements and details of the shirt orders on file. This allows a significant other to come to David’s and design a shirt as a gift. This has proven to be very handy for folks who are not certain of their friend’s or husband’s sizes, but wish to purchase something for them that is special and unique.

Order Placed

Once all the measurements are taken and the fabric, style and other options are decided on, we send off the completed forms for manufacture. Approximately two weeks later the individual’s shirt arrives complete.

300+ Fabric Choices

With so many fabric options to choose from, you'll have no problem finding a fabric that fits your style.

Measurements Saved

Ordering your next shirt is that much easier! Simply swing by our store or call in your order.

Quick Manufacturing

Once the order is placed, you'll be wearing a unique shirt in as little as a couple weeks.

Order a Custom Shirt or a Custom Suit

Send us a message and we’ll contact you to set up a consultation.